Thursday, 16 January 2014

How to choose the right foundation

Last weekend, while shopping for some make-up with one of my friends, she just asked my how to choose the perfect foundation. Now, this one is quite a tricky question. There is much more about choosing the right foundation than just the shade. So here are some basic you should know before buying a new foundation and some little tips for picking the right one for you....

There are a lot of different foundation types out there. The most known are the tinted moisturizerpowder foundation and liquid/cream foundations. 
tinted moisturizer will give you more of a sheer coverage. This one is a perfect choice for warm and hot summer days or for those of you who have a good skin and don't need to hide blemishes.
The powder foundation is one which I would definitely recommend to someone who just started using make-up, as it gives you a light to medium coverage. Another great kind of foundation for the newbies out there is the mousse foundation. If you have oily skin, these types of foundations can also be great as they will give you a mattifing look.
The liquid and cream foundations are probably the most popular. These foundations are great for people with combination and dry skin. If you have oily skin, you can still use those foundations, but be sure to pick an oil-free one.  Both types of foundations give you medium to high coverage and any of them give you the possibility to build them up for heavier coverage.

Now coming to probably the most important part of a foundation:  The Shade!
I have 3 little tips I use myself, when choosing the perfect shade.

1. Try your foundation on your hand: this one can be a bit tricky, because not everyone has the same skin colour on their hands than on their face and neck. So here is my second tip
2. Try it on your jaw line or directly on your neck. This one will guarantee you the perfect shade and avoid you to look like an orange. However be aware of how the foundation looks on day light, this one is also important when using tip n°1
3. Take a foundation you already own with you. Okay this sounds a bit strange. Knowing exactly that you want to buy a new foundation, taking one of your old one with you can help choosing the right shade.

And if none of the tips above are helpful you can always ask a customer to advice you. (Even I do it sometimes).

Now all you need to do is to go to your favourite make-up store and choose your perfect foundation...

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