Tuesday, 21 January 2014

My manicure routine

nails routine

Hands are one of the first things I probably will notice on someone. However I have to be honest with you, I pretty much neglected them until a year ago. So here is my  HOW-I-TAKE-CARE of my nails and hands routine.

First things first, I remove every single traces from my old nail polish with my all time favourite nail polish remover. It is the  Diadermine gentle remover without acetone. What I love about this remover it's the gentleness and the quick and easy removal. I only need one cotton pad for my whole hand, even with red nail polish.
Then I just file my nails quite short and round and with my cuticle pusher I push the cuticles slightly back. If there are any excess cuticles I just get rid of them with my cuticle V cutter. I tend not to use it every time, really just if needed.
Cuticles are quite a big deal for me, I used to have a lot of them. Therefore I just apply a tiny bit of my cuticle oil from Claire's all around my nail and massage it in. I was very sceptical about this product, but to my surprise it really really works. Besides not being pricey at all , the smell of lemons is soooo nice. After letting it set for about 1 minute or so, I take a cotton pad and remove every residue of oil left.

Now, coming to the most important part of a manicure, for me. THE BASE. This prevents your nails from breaking or from getting yellow. My current use is the Anti-breakage nail strengthening base coat from Yves Rocher.
The fun part of every manicure  is of course and will always be the colour. I choose the Ciaté in shade ivory queen from my mini  mani month calender. I prefer applying two thin layers than one thicker. This way my nails just dry faster.
Last but certainly not least, I use any top coat I have, this time it was a simple drugstore one and to finish I usually apply my Nivea pure and natural hand cream with argon oil.
Little tip from me, if you want your nails to dry quicker and last longer, just pour cold water in your sink and plunge your hands for about 2-3 minutes in it (after letting your nails air dry for about 5 minutes). Your nail polish will not move at all and just last longer.
What is your current manicure routine? Just let me know ...

Bisous, Marye

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