Monday, 29 September 2014

The subtle bronzer

Bronzer is probably one of the most cannily product to enhance your features or to give you the sun kissed glow everyone is raving about.
However, I haven’t really made up I my mind concerning the bronzer.  Perhaps, I’m just too well intended when applying it or maybe I haven’t found my perfect match.

Nevertheless, there is one Bronzer I can’t get my hands off: the terracotta light compact bronzer from Guerlain.
This is the shade 03 Brunettes, but I probably am a 05 Sun Brunettes at the moment.
This amazing looking bronzer, has 5 different tints some matts, some shimmery and some are more satin looking. This extraordinary combination will give you just the perfect amount of I am still a little tan even though we are already in October.
If you are a Newbie in using Bronzer or are a bit heavy weighted when applying, the light version of the original terracotta is just what you need. The original terracotta can look a little harsh, when applied wrong or sometimes they don’t cover your shade. This little racketeer, however, never let you down. It can be applied very flimsy as it can also be build up, some people may even not consider the terracotta light compact bronzer as a bronzer, as it can be very sheer.

Oooohh, have I told you about the smell?NO? Oh boy, this little one has just the most gorgeous smell then any other of my beauty products, which just makes me love it even more.

I will definitely use this product, until I will stumble across a new fav’one.  Till then I apply the terracotta light with a stippling brush just to enhance some of my features.

Which is your all time favourite bronzer?

Bisous, Marye


  1. It looks great, I'll try it!!

  2. Cool post!:)
    Have a nice day!
    Angela Donava


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