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University is a probably the most exciting period of your life.  For a lot of teenager this means freedom, meet new people, party ( a LOT) and sometimes even to face an other culture. However, university doesn’t only persist of fun bits, this adventure ( as I like to call it) implicates also responsibilities, lectures, exams and for some of you outside even a job. 
Juggling all these new activities can be challenging, but once you got used to your new routine those years will probably ( and hopefully) be the best ones. So here are a few tips which got me through my first 2 years of this adventure.

Get out of your comfort zone:
This one will may be a little tricky, but totally worth it. If you are more of a shy type don’t be afraid to approach someone. The first day, at least in France, universities organise a so called preliminary lecture, so take all of your courage and get involved in a discussion with your seat neighbour. That person will certainly be relieved that someone actually got to talk to her, because remember that at this exact moment you are both together in the same boat.  Besides this person will maybe turn out to be your confident for the next years and if not…at least you tried.

Be yourself:
Even though getting out of your comfort zone is a step to take, pretending to be someone you are not will do you more harm than good. A change during those intense years of university is pretty normal and will help develop your personality, but remember to stay true to yourself.

Keep a schedule:
I don’t necessarily mean getting up early every day (but you can if you like to), however housekeeping schedule will help you get through the days.  I use to go to the grocery store every Wednesday, cleaning my flat on Saturday and changing my bed sheets every second week.
Stepping in a new territory? Just set an alarm on your phone.  This scheme hasn’t to be followed literally. During a busy week I use to skip some essential cleaning (and during exams period I use to forget them but shush).

Yepp, you read right, because in all this new life changing activities there is something out there called UNIVERSITY. Keep in mind that every decision (or mainly every) will have a direct impact on your future career. If you lack to go to lectures it is your own choice, but when failing your exams therefor the one and only to blame will be yourself. It is your own responsibility to go to your curses and hey BTW some of them may be some great fun.
Besides University wouldn’t be the same without hangover-ed lectures.

Have fun and take a lot of pictures:
This is the best part of it, because university is still a stage in our young lives. We are allowed to party, to sing, to dance and to make decisions: good and bad ones, because one doesn’t go without the other. So grab your friends you got to meet by stepping out of your comfort zone and which you kept by being yourself, ditch that schedule for a while and grab your phone or camera (or both) and let’s have some great fun, because that’s what university is about and what makes it work out.

Bisous, Marye


  1. I've been at college for two months now and it has been the best experience of my life!!!!

    1. saw your college vs highschool video, seems like your are very happy being in college. Enjoy it!

  2. I've been in college 8 years now so I'm pretty over it lol

    1. I'd probably would be too after 8 years ;) but it is such an amazing and unique experience.


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