Sunday, 15 February 2015

Things I've never done: Football match edition

Hello my Loves,

And welcome to a new serie “Things I’ve never done” .
I think everyone has those little things we never did but are craving to fulfil. It can be those big dreams you tell everyone about but just don’t have the courage to execute or the small little things you just wish you’d done it at least once in your lifetime.
With “Things I’ve never done” I will try to make 1 thing every month and share my experience and thoughts with you.

I’ve never been to a football match before,  one sentence I can definitely erase out of my dictionary.
If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen that I went to the Estadium Santiago Bernabeu in Madrid to see Real Madrid vs. Sevilla (Real Madrid for the win).

 When I arrived at the stadium I was just speechless. I’ve seen the stadium multiple times by day, but the view of it by night is just breath taking. All those lights and all those people in one place: magical.

We actually sat in Tower D in 521-N row 6, which is quite high (getting to your seats was vertiginous believe me). Even if it was high, you could literally see everything. 
Real Madrid C.F. was playing against Sevilla F.C., so it wasn’t probably the most exciting match but it was still something special for me.

The match started right away and even though I am not a football expert I can definitely tell that it was quite a rough and turbulent one.
Real Madrid shot its first goal in 12’ minute (by James) and the second one in 37’(by Jesé).
Those 2 shots were followed by quite some yellow cards until the halftime.
Also, the goal keeper of Sevilla had to be replaced because he got seriously  injured.
During halftime 
The second halftime continued as turbulent. This time Sevilla scored in minute 83 (goal by Aspas).
At the end Real Madrid won 2:1 (Yeaaaahh!!!)

I never went to a match before, but the atmosphere and the vibe were incredibly (even though my friends had experiences greater atmospheres). People shouting, singing, shivering and jumping at the smallest excitement was just unbelievable.  It is amazing how certain people support their club.

It is definitely something you should try, even if you aren’t that much into football, it is a great experience.
I am sure it wasn’t the last match I attended.


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