Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Paris by night

Hello my darlings,

Hope you had a lovely week. My last week has been one of the busiest since I moved to Paris. Things at University got serious and all the other social commitments just seemed to run me over.
So the visit of one my closest friends was the perfect excuse to forget all the adult-y stuff.
After a late arrival on Saturday evening and once we made our way to my dorm (and a delicious tomato basil pasta) we decided to explore Paris by night.  (FYI it was already 23:40 when we left).

And where do people go first when in Paris? Right, you name it: the Eiffel Tower.
We didn’t go upstairs (at least not that night) as it was already closing, but let me tell you that I’ve seen the Eiffel tower many times, by day and by night, rainy and sunny, through all the 4 seasons but the view you get from Trocadero gets me EVERYTIME. It is just one of those feelings only Paris can give you (this might be a sound repetitive if you’ve seen my last post).
And once our picture-taking marathon finished (isn’t that what we all do?) the lights of our dame the fer went one and we just went crazy and so hyperexcited that even the guy next to us made fun of us. We were just feeling (and acting?) like little children until all the lights went off at 1 am.

Then we venture ourselves to the Arc the Triomphe and strolled down the lively  Champs Elysées at 2 am (Yep, that happened even thought most of the stores were closed) and once we reached the Grand Palais and walked over the Pont Alexandre III  our feets couldn’t carry us any further.
So we took a taxi back home and ended up going to bed exhausted at 4 a.m.

This was probably one of the nicest chilliest nights I’ve had in quite a while paired with some fun, selfie taking (and failing) and girls chatting.
This night called for a perfect little Parisian Brunch, but that is a story for another day.
Now my bed is calling me whilst typing these last lines. So, hope you like these Parisian theme post as I LOVE to write them. Let me know what you thing about them.


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